Next Generation Ridepooling

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Realizing the full potential of ridepooling services

We at door2door are sure: On-demand ridepooling will unfold its huge potential as soon as we want and are willing to put the effort in it. The first steps have been successfully taken; the “tool” just needs to be used with courage on a large scale. And it will. Because legal regulations and the cities’ desire to be climate-friendly are currently changing public and shared mobility for the better.With this white paper we – the leading German service and software provider for ridepooling projects – would like to outline a solution that closes a wide range of different mobility gaps. This solution can be implemented quickly and meets future requirements. On-demand ridepooling is data-driven and tailored to customer needs from the very start – the perfect solution between flexible but highly inefficient use of private cars and the traditional Cities and rural areas are facing very different mobility challenges in times of climate crisis, political targets for providing public services, and demands for participation. The idea is the five-minute city, i.e. a city in which everything that fulfills our daily needs is within a five-minute reach. This old approach is becoming a very strong vision again, and is currently driving more and more cities. But how do we reclaim the city for people without losing the comfort of private mobility? How do we empower suburban and rural areas to be attractive without personal cars?public transport operator (PTO) business. This tool provides an ad-hoc solution that focuses on mobility needs that currently are not covered. Mixed fleets, mixed use cases: The real uncaptured value lies in increasing the vehicle uptime across all fleets. Stronger integration into the public transport network and easy-to-design, intelligent pricing together with holistic approaches to participation and inclusion result in mobility for all at a very profitable level. Ridepooling will individualize public transport and is the only option on the table for dramatically reducing traffic in cities.
door2door: Next Generation Ridepooling

Dr. Tom Kirschbaum
Maxim Nohroudi
André Gerhardy

door2door is the leading innovation partner for the next public transport
There are gaps in every public transport network: At the outskirts of cities and in rural areas, in the evenings and on weekends. We identify these gaps, expand the network with a modern on-demand bus concept and integrate all existing offers into a smartphone app for citizens. This is the fastest way to wider public transport coverage. And the citizens are enthusiastic.